Qing Ai

Illustrator/Coordinator/Graphic Designer

Qing Ai is the largest HIV NGO for education and clinics. I have been maintaining a working/volunteering relationship since 2018 during my university years till the present. In my role as Coordinator/Graphic Designer, I have contributed to the organization's mission through various responsibilities. These include coordinating, planning, and executing educational activities focused on youth AIDS awareness, designing visually compelling materials such as posters, brochures, and social media content, crafting publications aimed at enhancing science communication and facilitating educational workshops.

# Picture book for HIV education 2022
selected illustrations of one educational project



Illustrator/Graphic designer

Mykey is a Chinese-based fashion brand established in Italian. I held the role of graphic designer during the Autumn 2021 and Spring 2022 seasons. Within this capacity, I contributed to the creation of print and graphic designs, employing unconventional mediums such as whimsical collages, crayons, and sketches. These designs served to convey anti-war themes, infusing the brand's collections with depth and meaning. Through this project, I sought to challenge traditional design norms and spark conversations around pressing social issues.


Graphic Designer

Throughout Google's 2020 HIV research in China, I contributed as a graphic designer, harmonising minimalist Chinese design elements with Google's distinctive colour palette. This collaboration facilitated the creation of visual materials for internal meetings, ensuring coherence and impact in conveying complex information. Moreover, I ensured that the designs reflected Google's commitment to LGBTQA+ rights, promoting inclusivity and diversity within the organisation's initiatives. By integrating culturally relevant aesthetics with Google's branding and advocating for LGBTQA+ rights, I aimed to enhance comprehension and engagement among participants, fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment for all stakeholders.

# Poster design for conference Google 2020

Shanghai Municipal Center For Disease Control
& Prevention



During my tenure at the Shanghai Disease Prevention Center project, I held the role of primary illustrator for a specialized publication—an educational picture book centred on preventive measures and treatments for tuberculosis. Drawing upon my background in biology, I adeptly facilitated seamless communication between medical professionals and scientists, ensuring effective collaboration throughout the project.

# Picture book for Tuberculosis Education 2021
selected pages

Shanghai Center for Youth Sex Education

Graphic designer/Illustrator

During the collaboration with the Shanghai Center for Youth Sex Education, I worked on developing illustrations for sex education and health picture books. Applying graphic design principles, I ensured the creation of visually engaging and informative educational materials. Through my contributions, I sought to promote understanding and awareness among young individuals regarding sexual health and education.

# Visual material for educational workshops 2021

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