Solid Liquid


200*200*300cm /0:10’30”

When the physical and emotional boundaries are strained by the confines of space, it results in a weakened connection to the external world, often leading to a state of stagnation. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences, this project explores the phenomenology of immigration. 

When the environment changes, migrants who are “othered” cannot maintain their identities, lifestyles, and culture. Thus, they continually seek solutions to interact and integrate with their new environment. By adopting the perspective of a scavenger, within a fictional portrayal of the existence of time and space in human history, the story navigates the complexities of transformation. This transformation challenges notions of existence and embraces the fluidity of human experience. Through a blending of memories and narratives, it unearths the repercussions of change while celebrating the liberation found in the dynamic nature of our being.

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Mixed Media

200*50*200 cm

During my undergraduate studies, my research delved into the realm of immune diseases and viral infections affecting turbot, aiming to enhance the survival rates of aquaculture through innovative vaccines. The extensive use of zebrafish larvae as experimental subjects prompted a profound reflection on the intersection of science, industry, and human desires.

This project unravels the complex relationship between humanity and the rights of animals in the name of experimentation. it unveils a narrative that spans from pivotal scientific advancements to ethically questionable experiments driven solely by the needs of humankind. It is an exploration of the delicate balance between progress and morality, where each experiment appears as a domino piece, teetering on the edge of ethical dilemmas.

Through various mediums, I construct an imagined laboratory, transforming scientific inquiry into an artistic language that questions not only our scientific pursuits but also the profound meaning of human existence.

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