Picture Book
Pencil, charcoal
Size Variable

Le Bon's "The Crowd" describes the crowd's general characteristics and analyzes the psychological, moral, and behavioral characteristics of people in a group state. And how governors use these characteristics to establish and consolidate their rules. The protagonist Sikes I portray belongs to the people who blindly conform to the crowd. He appeared as a killer who worked for the government and lost his identity in an accident. After the accident, Sikes did not accept the situation as the protagonist Gregor Samsa in "The Metamorphosis" . His rebellious spirit is manifested in his attempt to find a place suitable which accepts his existence, but the revolution without a revolutionary spirit is doomed to fail. Sikes' rebellion in a state of isolation and helplessness eventually leads to failure. In China, this phenomenon reflects When the government dismantles the masses into separate individuals, no substantial changes can happen.

When the superstructure can not coordinate or distribute social resources reasonably, the people's conflicts are unavoidable. Especially in the context of the global economic downturn and capacity imbalances, regional discrimination in Chinese emerges one after another. Foreigners, aliens, people who speak another language, people who believe in another god, or any different identity would become the target of Xenophobic. Sikes' identity happened to be a collection of these characteristics. His difference made him unable to integrate into his environment anyway, which laid the foundation for his tragic ending.

Operating Room

Stop-Motion Animation/Performance


Operating Room traverses the nuanced landscape of gender awareness through a captivating blend of stop-motion animation and performance. The narrative unfolds, following a journey of self-discovery and reconciliation with his gender identity, guided by the assistance of a doctor. From genetic evidence to brain science research, the film explores the complexity of gender spectrums by using scientific terms and poetry. The film advocates acknowledging the impact of external feedback on self-perception and accepts subtle revelation of inner uneasiness.

Genes contain the entire world we know.
Since the explosive beginning of the universe, driven by a mysterious energy,
molecules have begun to combine in this way.
The human body is everything that humans know about beauty,
peeking from the eyes of God.
In the mysterious shape of the sex glands,
body fluids are intertwined and sticky with all desires.
We are shaping these desires while being shaped by them.
The body fluid carries a certain signal,
flowing through the mountains and rivers,
surging through every rock underground,
and continuously nourishing every piece of land.

People always ask about this source;
it is them,
countless inhabitants living on the myelin sheath,
doing a lot of calculations at all times on 100 billion lonely planets.
They want to send a signal,
trying to connect as one,
because they are also curious about the meaning of their existence.
The power of this connection is so strong that they created a self-destructive tendency;
the rock paintings are hidden in caves,
the strange circles in the wheat fields,
and the huge rocks on Easter Island looking into the distance,
They all speak of this desire.

All languages revolve around this impulse so that they have to observe through the eyes of others.
or any existential identities cannot define who they are,
because they don't know whether they can feel a certain kind of real existence,
looking to the sky, not as truth seekers.

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