Yuqiang is a multimedia designer and visual practitioner. His work focuses on science communication, queer ecology and human health. He wishes to see the complexity of beings and emotions through the integration and compilation of networks between different disciplines. Through these explorations, he seeks to understand, imagine and construct a more harmonious future for existence, and to find a form of coexistence in multiple ecological systems.

Performance, videos and installation are usually used to present his findings. His multidisciplinary background allows him to effectively connect with people from different academic backgrounds and communities with new knowledge. Through his practice, he seeks to Communicate the complexities of science through art, build bridges between technology and humanity, and create connections between his practice and the wider community.

Blood turns into the morning dew
Nourishing the moss
The flesh is infested with fungus
To be part of her vast root system
The soul becomes a multitude of stars
Light up the night of the drunken man returning home late

Took me to all corners of the universe
A subtle sense of life
Since then
I've become the owner of inner harmony
The complete self